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Anti Aging Remedies Mission


I'm Dr. Steven Amato, Director of My consultant-based service is built on 40+ years of clinical experience using non-prescription nutritional supplements, herbs and vitamins formulated in the US. Alternative Medicine is big business in the US. More people take vitamins, herbs and supplements than any other country in the world. Rather than manufacturing my own line I test and qualify the supplements I use in practice, outsourcing to the top manufacturing facilities who specialize in lifestyle medicine - companies I’ve been using for decades with measurable results. If you’re in the 24 to 37 year age bracket and want to see noticeable changes in the way you look and feel, start with the Basic Three package. See what a difference they'll make in three weeks while eating a sensible diet as suggested in my website. Whether it’s fatigue, indigestion, sluggish bowels, low back pain, muscle tension or signs of unwanted weight gain, this demographic represents the pivotal tipping point where a proactive approach is critical to the long term health of the body. Clearly, heart disease, cancer and cognitive decline are risk factors to an overall poor lifestyle pattern as defined by the above increasingly common symptoms.

Visit me at and my medical tourism site, for advanced anti-aging medical procedures that are not available in the United States.

Now, let me share with you how I got my start in natural medicine.

Have you ever planted your own vegetable garden from seed? Did you ever stop and think where the food on your table comes from, who grew it and how it got to you? Ever wondered how many people it took to get the food that you eat every day - planted, grown and trucked to your door?

As a kid, I thought about all these things when I decided to grow my own vegetables in a backyard garden in 1966, The natural produce from that garden fed our entire family of six, so much produce, my mom began juicing the veggies and feeding us a glass every morning. I hated the taste, but I was the healthiest student in my class, never missing a day of school due to illness.

From that point, I decided to perfect my techniques in organic farming. That meant manure and compost, minerals and well water. The 'modern' techniques being advanced at the time included synthetic fertilizers pesticides and eventually genetically modified seeds and clones.

Fast forward ten years, and it was clear I was on a path toward becoming a natural healer specializing in alternative medicine.

My three websites are the culmination of the accumulated passions of a lifetime. Starting with that garden, followed by practical studies in nutrition and natural healing, travels through Southeast Asia where I studied Buddhist and Hindu forms of medicine, lumped in with thousands of hours of post-graduate work, teaching western diagnosis, pathology and natural treatments, accomplishments that represent an astounding volume of practical knowledge and technical information.

There are many anti-aging websites on the Internet. Mine is the only one with a commitment to all things natural. Anti Aging Remedies brings the highest quality supplements to you based on sound scientific foundations of knowledge and experience. My purpose is to provide you and your family an archived collection of the broadest professional grade supplements available in the world today. Experience the same benefits I have, practicing natural doctrines of health in an increasingly un-natural world.

My performance enhancing supplements can give you the edge you never thought possible no matter what your age. You need these powerful nutrients to succeed in this ever changing, competitive and dangerously polluted world.