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Alternative Medicine


The current practice of diagnosis and treatment of disease is a failed model. Doctors no longer practice medicine, instead they practice data entry. Patients are helpless, bewildered by the mess  called 'modern medicine’, a fragmented, compartmentalised nightmare, all by design. Doctor’s haven't a clue as to how the body works, the role the nerves and hormones play in regulating functional health and wellness - they’re too busy filling out forms and insurance questionnaires Standards of medicine are built on chasing symptoms and treating them with dangerous drugs. hat’s why malpractice premiums are sky high. Everyone is getting richer while the sick are becoming poorer. Drugs do not cure disease, they treat symptoms. Chasing symptoms causes your condition to worsen shifting elsewhere in your body. Meanwhile your body’s resources dwindle, energy levels drop, while weight gain and degenerative disease begin total over your body. What’s more, our food supply is totally adulterated and the agribusiness’s growing methods are completely counterfeit artificial and genetically manipulated by crackpot-scientists.

Alternative Medicine means chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy and herbology. If you find a Holistic doctor who practices all these specialties, you’ve found the Holy Grail.

Since 1979 Dr. Amato has been practicing these methods and more, traveling the country and abroad studying advanced forms of natural medicine, ozone therapies, hyperbaric treatments, Bio-photon therapies, Rife and other frequency-generating methods designed to slow aging, heal and regenerate the body. His brand of lifestyle-medicine embraces the basic sciences - biology, physiology, anatomy and pathology, withan emphasis on teaching wellness from a multi-level platform. With a common sense approach to understanding the related nature of organ systems, his guiding principle is educating and empowering clients to help themselves and their family practice wellness.

Anti-aging Remedies understands that the right nutrition in a bottle can turn your life around, by canceling out the dietary imbalances typical to your modern on-the-go lifestyle. Missing  these vital nutrients brings your body down, makes you sluggish and grows your waistline and thighs.  Stay protected, eat less and shrink your stomach with only high quality foods like proteins and organic vegetables. With a handful of nutrients from Anti Aging Remedies you're assured of meeting your body’s demands in this super polluted world,  plugging the gaps of deficiency that typify a premature aging body. Watch as your skin begins to glow again and your hair starts to shine. Bienestar is Spanish for wellbeing, meaning peace of mind and a happy body.

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Problems of ill health call for alternatives to the standard drug-it-if-it-walks-and-talks medical approach. Our conventional medical system is designed to maximize profits, spreading treatment over many different specialties. This leads to exponential wealth and power in the industry. US hospitals number more than any country on the planet. Monetization in health care is an ethical and moral dilemma. It birthed a health insurance industry that now dictates policy and access to treatment, while adversely affecting our national GDP. The average cancer case generates more than $300,000 in fees, tests, treatments, surgeries, chemotherapies and aftercare. Job-seekers place health-care benefits ahead of all else when searching for employment This upside-down approach is proof how backward things are in this scary world we’re living in.

Your body clearly desires nourishment, clean air, water and food, no chemical coloring or additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or enhancers. According to EPA figures, Americans have to cope with 100,000 man-made chemicals. Their chemical residues find sanctuary inside you where they attract yeast and candida, and rob your blood of oxygen while changing your DNA structure to put you at risk for cancers. They disrupt hormone cell-signaling and give rise to the stress hormones prostaglandins and cortisol that can make you fat. No amount of exercise will free poisons from your liver and lymph system unless the proper enzymes and co-factors are first present to facilitate optimal function. You'll merely wear yourself out. Slowly degrading your blood oxygen level deteriorates red-blood cell quality, affecting cell respiration and exercise performance. Energy generators inside your cells called Mitochondria, diminish in quantity and quality. From a quantum healing standpoint, this leads to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS, Fibromyalgia FM, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities MCS and chronic-unrelenting poor performance. I’ve seen these cases cascade into immune deficiency syndromes, neurodegenerative diseases including Lupus, MS, ALS and Alzheimer’s. A chronic living-death-spiral defined by ibuprofen, Naprosyn, Tylenol, oxy-codone and Vicodin.

Reversal in the belief system of western medicine is critical to wrestling back control of your health and body. Inside you lie the answers to all your health maladies, whether mental, spiritual or physical. Your immune system possesses intuitive knowledge capable of bringing you back into balance naturally, something no computer, regardless it terabytes. can compete with.  The body’s innate intelligence can easily configure the perfectly correct sequences of peptides needed to build the antibodies necessary for fighting disease, lowering inflammation and recharging your energy and health. Lacking these weapons puts your body in the cross hairs, unarmed and out of luck. 

Anti-aging Remedies has answers and solutions to a hopelessly toxic world designed around generating sickness, disease and death.We seek not the treatment of symptoms, effects synonymous with tissue cell dysfunction. Instead, we provide the correct sequenced building blocks that promote health, including enzymes, anti-oxidants, probiotics, cofactors and synergists to complement the healing experience of the body. Compare it to an army with weapons but no bullets, doomed to defeat by an enemy from within. The Trojan horse in this case is the ubiquitous presence of petroleum and petroleum byproducts inside your body, the genetic modification of the plant kingdom we rely on for food and to grow livestock, and the tissue-cell effects of radio waves from mobile phones and wi-fi.