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Dr. S. Amato


Dr. Amato began practice as an alternative medical physician in 1980. Having done residencies in South Carolina and Iowa, he settled in the New York City area in 1981 maintaining several practices in the northeast. Desiring to lead an organically sustainable life living off the land, in 2005 he moved his family to northern California, where they began raising all their own food including beef, lamb, goats, and chickens.

Having studied myriad alternative medical disciplines, Dr. Amato employs an eclectic approach that integrates both Eastern and Western healing techniques. This website reflects decades of study and research, including ten years clinical experience in a multi-cultural practice in New York City. This site comes with an AI program designed to match your lifestyle pattern, toxicity level and emotional stress profile with a custom-designed nutrition package of the high quality. The lifestyle medicine Dr. Amato practices is based on over forty years navigating the effects of adulteration of our food supply, introduction of electromagnetic pollution into our environment and the utilization of atmospheric weather engineering on the human body. Utilizing the most professional companies in the fields of nutrition, homeopathy and herbal medicine, Anti Aging Remedies pledges to protect you and your family from the ravages of premature aging in an increasingly un-natural and unfriendly world. Turn aging into a positively transformative experience, check out our products and suppliers.


Studying in Nepal, India, France, Italy and Tibet during the 1980’s and 90’s, then Guatemala most recently – Dr. Amato honed his innate intuitive skills, developing a deeper understanding of disease, on the four planes - physical, spiritual, emotional and higher consciousness. Maintaining study in the didactics of physiology, anatomy, and pathology, his journey led him to refine those skills as a doctor and healer. By merging western healing disciplines German Functional Medicine, as practiced by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, Hans Alfred Nieper and Edward Bach, M.D. – with the spiritual eastern tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as advanced by Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, Frenchman Soulie de Morant, and the scholarly works of Giovanni Maciocia – he arrived at a synthesis of knowledge, coupled with practical integrated applications. States Dr. Amato “During an analysis, I will frequently experience flashes of telepathic images that reflect these higher consciousness thought forms, containing critical information about the patient, how their history unfolded over decades and the likely prognostic outcome we hope to achieve.”

“Listening carefully to the patient's narrative, I filter out the extraneous and insignificant, and catalogue the therapeutic aspects, encouraging the patient to explore the emotional catharsis underlying the traumas and psychic scars that are part of their history. Identifying their chemo-toxic exposure is an important feature of the intake. I also inquire if there are any relationship issues they may be struggling with. Throughout the entire process, specific cues often open doors for exploration. Troves of information can be uncovered in this was, leading to quicker , more lasting recoveries. There have been many instances that I felt the information could indeed be coming from some divine source – the Cosmos, the Creator.

From here, it is a case of proving out my initial findings by developing the compelling supportive evidence using signs, indicators, correspondences and biological markers, both eastern and western based.

Conventional medicine, in quoting the loathing phrase ‘quackery’, demonstrates its ignorance, a clear illustration of the abject hostility toward anything that threatens their status-quo of controlling the market. ‘Standardization’ and standards in general serve to dilute and trivialize the individual. This denies the patient their right to choose, their self-determinism and their power.

Using metaphor and analogies, Dr. Amato’s poignant explanations help patients more easily understand the intricate inner body they inhabit. ”I try to help my clients develop a vocabulary to communicate more effectively about their body, its needs, and their health.

Patients become agents of change when they can discover their own innate healing power. They gain persuasive skills to communicate innate healing to others. As their confidence levels build, they begin teaching wellness to family members and friends. Eventually friends and family members will show up requesting care. They become convinced they can benefit from alternative therapies, which is half the battle… belief in the power of change.

At the end of the day, the entire Holistic experience is empowering, life enhancing and enriching, as it builds healthier families and communities.


Professional Time-Line

  • Authored a weekly newspaper column on health entitled “The Spinal Column” 1980-1985
  • Developed ‘in service’ curriculums for Bergen County Police and Fire Academy 1982-1988
  • Sports Injury prevention training Indian Hills / Ramapo-Valley High School Districts 1982-1985
  • DEA, FBI, CIA, Local police seminar on injury prevention and postural biomechanics 1987
  • Climbed Mount Everest Base Camp-One October-November 1987
  • Certified Sports Physician Program CCSP American Chiropractic Association 1990
  • Certified Regional Approach to Musculo-Skeletal Disorders NYCC
  • Presentations to over six thousand people at seminars, workshops, giving speeches and lectures
  • Appeared on television and radio shows as expert in alternative medicine, chiropractic & nutrition
  • Certified Contact Reflex Analysis 1995 Nutrition
  • Certified 1999 Nutritional Reflex Technique, G. Lesneski, D.C. - Biotics Laboratories
  • Opened Alternative Medicine Clinic - Chelsea - New York City, March 1997.
  • Trained in SE5 Radionics / scalar applications 1997 to present
  • Studied and trained in Buddhist medicine practices, “Tibetan Singing Bowl” healing with sound
  • Trained in Crane electrotherapy 1998. Studied and trained in use of Rife Frequencies
  • Studied, trained and certified in chiropractic acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Studied and self trained in the practical applications of Kabbalah healing doctrines
  • Studied and self trained in the practical applications of Jungian healing doctrines
  • Practical applications in wilderness medicine - domestic animals and livestock 2005-present
  • Chiropractic and osteopathic applications on horses, dogs, poultry and felines
  • Presently engaged in anti-aging studies and research