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Dr. S. Amato


Dr. Amato began studying natural medicine in the mid 1970’s. Interested in nutrition through the reading of works by Adelle Davis, Paavo Aerola and Hans Selye, he came under the care of a chiropractor in 1964 for recurring throat infections that were misdiagnosed by the family pediatrician. The real cause was discovered to be candida, yeast. To this day, mainstream medicine continues to view the existence of candida albicans with suspicion.

Amato was cured with chiropractic adjustments, a change in diet and daily fresh vegetable juices. This childhood experience set him on a path of organic gardening, alternative medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, and nutrition.


Dr. Amato entered professional school in 1976, immediately pursuing specialized studies centered on the relationship between nutrition, nutrients, and the target organs they influence. He devoted specific study into the heart-blood connection, and its impact on long-term health and longevity.

Early on he observed patients needing minimal spinal corrections and dietary guidance. Most got well within three month time frames, owing to the power of chiropractic spinal adjustments. During the mid-eighties he began noticing the usual routine of spinal adjustments, diet, and food concentrates were becoming less effective at curing patients. On reflection, this time frame witnessed high fructose corn syrup and exotic food additives finding their way into the U.S. food supply. Dr. Amato observed the negative effects of these chemicals showing up as liver toxicity and kidney metal burdens.

He started ordering blood tests and employing hair mineral analysis, shifting to more powerful ortho-molecular medical treatments. Testing often revealed elevated liver and kidney enzymes consistent with overwhelming toxicity and congestion. This set him on a path of research into more powerful nutraceutical, homeopathic and herbal formulations capable of canceling out the harmful effects of the metals and chemicals he was seeing in patients.

Aggressively combining cranial therapies to enhance blood circulation to the brain, patients were suddenly showing up with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s - showing that environmental chemicals and metals were now somehow penetrating the blood brain barrier. Inside the brain, complex biochemical reactions would occur, eventually resulting in plaque formations - areas of brain destruction based on a combination of factors involving chemicals, metals and viral DNA strands. Geo-engineering the skies was occurring as early at the late 70’s.

In the late 90’s, his quest to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine led him to enroll in an approved study program in TCM and acupuncture. With this field of study, he hoped he might effectively tap into deeper levels of healing energy, removing the blockages that were causing disease in his patients, while restoring their vitality to more healthful levels.

New York City

In New York City, his practice gave him entree to a global market of patients. His testing revealed broad parasitic microbial infestation patterns that defined the many countries and continents that a New York City practice might see.

His study of the unique flora and fauna, and their cataloguing was a primer in human adaptation. When the immune system cannot recognize a foreign microbe and effectively eliminate it, the body will develop a symbiotic means of cohabitation. Long term, we see this ultimately leading to obesity, wasting, energy sinks and chronic sickness.

Dr. Amato learned to use powerful herbal formulations, stacks of synergistic nutrient formulas with a mindful matching of remedies to manifestation patterns in the patient. Often, he would find the infestations to be decades old. As the parasites began leaving the patients body, they would eagerly report feeling renewed energy, similar to the more youthful levels they remembered years back. The experience would often take on miraculous proportions, being incredulous their problem had actually left and not returned.

States Amato, “when foreign bodies start living inside you, strange things begin happening. Your appetite becomes voracious, the parasite begins driving the nervous system’s appetite centers. Patients develop cravings, mood disorders and skin afflictions, their hair loses it’s shine, the nails splinter and crack, and the eyes become dulled. The person slowly shrinks from healthy social interaction with friends, family and co-workers.

Failure To Thrive

"The biggest issue is malnourishment because of the parasite stealing nutrients from the body. This leaves patient's hungry soon after a meal. This cycling cascade can lead to morbid obesity and a premature death.”

Dr. Amato views the integrity of the patient’s biological terrain as pivotal to health, wellness and longevity. Compromise gut flora and chronic disease, infection, cancer and heart disease are sure to follow.

"Cleaning the gut and restoring flora, increasing enzyme levels, providing abundant doses of anti-oxidants and minerals, and following a regular routine of moderate exercise is the ideal formula for long term success."

Global Studies

Studying in Nepal, India, France, Italy and Tibet during the 1980’s and 90’s, then Guatemala most recently – Dr. Amato honed his innate intuitive skills, developing a deep understanding of disease, on three planes - physical, spiritual and emotional. Maintaining his study in the didactics of physiology, anatomy, and pathology, his journey led him to refine those skills as a doctor and healer. Merging such western healing disciplines as German Functional Medicine as practiced by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, Hans Alfred Nieper and Edward Bach, M.D. – with the spiritual eastern tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, advanced by Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, Frenchman, Soulie de Morant, and the scholarly works of Giovanni Maciocia – he arrived at a synthesis of knowledge, coupled with practical integrated applications. States Amato “There occur flashes of telepathic images running through my mind and consciousness during the patient evaluation process.”

“I listen with intent to the patient narrative. My mind filtering out the extraneous, cataloguing the therapeutic, while encouraging the patient to explore the emotional catharsis of the traumas and psychic scars that are part of their history. I identify their chemo-toxic exposure, while inquiring into relationship issues they may be struggling with.

Throughout this process, specific cues will can open up avenues of exploration, uncovering troves of information as to the origins of their condition. There have been many instances that I felt the information could indeed be coming from some divine source – the Cosmos, the Creator.

From here, it is a case of proving out my initial findings developing the compelling supportive evidence of signs, indicators, correspondences and bio- markers, both eastern and western in color.

Conventional medicine, in quoting the loathing phrase ‘quackery’, demonstrates its ignorance, a clear illustration of the abject hostility toward anything that threatens their status-quo of controlling the market place. To this end, ‘standardization’ in medical care serves to dilute and trivialize the individual. This denies a patient their right to choose, their self determinism and their power.

Through the use of metaphor and analogies, Dr. Amato’s poignant explanations help patients more easily understand the intricacies of their body. ”I try to help my clients develop a vocabulary to communicate more effectively about their body, its needs, and their health.

Patients become agents of change when they can discover their innate healing powers. They gain the persuasive skills to communicate innate healing to others. As their confidence levels increase, they begin teaching wellness to family members and friends. Eventually these people start showing up for care. They are convinced they can benefit from alternative therapies, and that is half the battle… belief in the power of change.

At the end of the day, the entire Holistic experience is empowering, life enhancing and enriching - it builds healthier families and communities.

Pick Your Therapy

“I investigate all therapies; ozone, magnetic, micro-current, Tesla, Rife, Bio-photon, and sound / light all frequencies and wave forms. I research them for efficacy, and stack them alongside other equally powerful modalities.

It’s important to carefully evaluate candidates for their correct treatment and/or the therapies that best fit their profile. Since no two patients are alike, treatments will always vary. Medicine seeks to treat everyone the same - in standard fashion. This is a flawed approach. There are diverse biological factors that make up each patient profile”.

Raise Your Consciousness Level

The consciousness of the planet is fast discovering truths and exposing levels of deception that border on criminal. Websites like quackwatch are typical of the fear mongering disinformation and outright lies being planted in the public consciousness on behalf of drug companies and the status-quo. Informed consumers no longer are buying the propaganda. There have been too many lies and inconsistencies peddled by mainstream media that are clearly in-cahoots with their drug peddling advertisers. ‘Standards’ are a fraud, rigged by the wealthy foundations/endowments, think tanks and banking houses to dis-empower and enslave the masses to depend on drugs , and nothing more. A new dawn’s on the horizon.

It was in the early 1900’s that Standard Oil merged with the German chemicals company I.G. Farben, a manufacturer of bombs, and the largest privately held company in Europe at the time. It was decided by a cabal of interlocking companies with vested interests in drugs and medicine, to introduce a deceptive scheme using standards and standardization to deny the consumers access to natural, Holistic, botanical remedies and medicines. The so called laws, principles and theories developed for this purpose, were cleverly advanced by bought-and-paid-for educators and scientists like Abraham Flexner. Scientists toed the Rockefeller party line, the moneyed special interests and foundations paying the scientists way into the universities and medical schools. Once installed, they proceeded to reorder the educational system in general, and medicine in particular, by turning M.D.’s into unwitting drug peddlers, by and for the drug companies.

Today, the health ‘care’ industry is driven not by good science or preventive medicine, but by profit for pharmaceutical interests and health insurance companies setting their agenda using vast sums of money, power and political influence. What’s more, the FDA that is supposed to protect public interest, has acquired a reputation of acquiescing and colluding with puppet-master executives at Big Pharma.

At the same time, alternative medicines and natural cures are suppressed by the FDA. Natural supplement companies and providers are harassed, prosecuted, and generally viewed as fraudulent. FDA employs these schemes as a cudgel to oppress everything that’s non-allopathic, frightening the public into accepting drugs as the only way. Most M.D.’s now agree, since they’re fast recognizing that their role has been substantially diminished to that of a data entry person, but possessing prescribing privileges.

Groundbreaking Discoveries

Dr. Amato has designed a testing technique that duplicates the toxic chemical and microbial exposures that cause your body to be sick in the first place. Using scores of vials containing different toxic substances as filters (philtres) - this testing procedure brings out the sick reflexes lurking behind your condition. Hidden problems that won’t show up under normal testing circumstances, emerge with the use of these vials. This complex evaluation can take an hour or more, while sorting through various trays of test vials.

Once the deepest layers have been unmasked and addressed, the client departs with a set of customized dietary guidelines and supplements. Being versed in food combining, textures and preparation, his recipes are healthful, creative, substantial, and inexpensive.

There exists testing for reflexes associated with wi-fi and cell phone exposure, GWEN and HAARP, Genetically Modified-counterfeit food exposure, parasites, microbes, mold spores, food and environmental allergy patterns, and emotional / spiritual affliction patterns.

Electromagnetic field exposure affects children profoundly. “Children must be protected from long term exposure to these non-ionizing frequency waves. Unfortunately, nearly all schools are wi-fi equipped, making avoidance a near impossibility.” Entire cities and communities bathed in these frequency wave patterns present clinically challenging problems.

“For every stress on the body, young or old, there is a fix. The question is finding the correct remedy(ies) and remedial measures to mitigate exposure while protecting your tissue cells from damage. Repair of damaged cell structures must keep pace with exposure or else cellular regeneration suffers. This can lead to mutagenic changes and the cancers that follow.

The public needs to understand there is a huge and growing problem with scientists continuing to push the technological envelope without investigating the harmful health consequences. They compromise ethical principles by practicing science by consensus. This is junk science, not good science.

What is the benefit when victims of these technologies need to seek health care due to exposure at home, work and play. This is a danger to public health, a national emergency, and a matter of national security.

Whether it’s the US or NATO / European countries, they have been co-opted by a web of interlocking boards of directors in oil, chemicals, banking, insurance and education. With unlimited cash and power, they set the agenda, make and enforce the laws, and deny access and sales of safer, non-toxic natural remedies and alternative therapies.

If the system worked as good as they would have you believe, adverse reactions to drugs and iatrogenic events would not claim 300,000 deaths per year.

The picture must change, but the alternative health care community must first spotlight the problem, so it can be identified as the serious risk it is, both in scope and scale.

Professional Time-Line

  • Authored a weekly newspaper column on health entitled “The Spinal Column” 1980-1985
  • Developed ‘in service’ curriculums for Bergen County Police and Fire Academy 1982-1988
  • Sports Injury prevention training Indian Hills / Ramapo-Valley High School Districts 1982-1985
  • DEA, FBI, CIA, Local police seminar on injury prevention and postural biomechanics 1987
  • Climbed Mount Everest Base Camp-One October-November 1987
  • Certified Sports Physician Program CCSP American Chiropractic Association 1990
  • Certified Regional Approach to Musculo-Skeletal Disorders NYCC
  • Presentations to over six thousand people at seminars, workshops, giving speeches and lectures
  • Appeared on television and radio shows as expert in alternative medicine, chiropractic & nutrition
  • Certified Contact Reflex Analysis 1995 Nutrition
  • Certified 1999 Nutritional Reflex Technique, G. Lesneski, D.C. - Biotics Laboratories
  • Opened Alternative Medicine Clinic - Chelsea - New York City, March 1997
  • Trained in SE5 Radionics / scalar applications 1997 to present
  • Studied and trained in Buddhist medicine practices, “Tibetan Singing Bowl” healing with sound
  • Trained in Crane electrotherapy 1998. Studied and trained in use of Rife Frequencies
  • Studied, trained and certified in chiropractic acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Studied and self trained in the practical applications of Kabbalah healing doctrines
  • Studied and self trained in the practical applications of Jungian healing doctrines
  • Practical applications in wilderness medicine - domestic animals and livestock 2005-present
  • Chiropractic and osteopathic applications on horses, dogs, poultry and felines
  • Presently engaged in anti-aging studies and research