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Medical Tourism - South of the Border

Medical tourism is a growing industry throughout the world. More healthcare consumers are discovering the efficacy of obtaining their high cost procedures offshore. Within the anti aging paradigm, there are many procedures available offshore that can't be found in the US.

Costs are usually one half to one third of those in the US. Hotels are cheap, plentiful and all travel expenses and medical fees are tax deductible. Most US third party payers will reimburse for usual and customary standard treatments. Join the crowd of satisfied clients pursuing their healthcare needs offshore.


English speaking American trained medical specialists providing blood sugar, bio-identical hormone replacement and other endocrine specialties to support the aging process.

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English speaking American trained specialists examine the blood, determine its oxygen capacity, clotting factors and build adequate immune response to viral - bacterial invasion. Strategies augment blood values / quality.

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Plastic Surgery

English speaking U.S. Board Certified plastic surgeons specializing in surgical hair transplants using stem cell injection strategies. Facial mid lift, neck lift, full lift, blepharoscopy, dermal mini-liposuction injections, Botox etc. and more.

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Dental Reconstruction

U.S. trained D.M.D. specializing in dental reconstruction, cancer reconstructions, implants, amalgam removal with full porcelain inlays, root canals. English, German, Spanish, Italian spoke. Boutique concierge care at a fraction of US costs.

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Your skin is the most unforgiving tissue substance in the body. It is a storehouse for vitamins, especially Vitamin B-12. As YOU age, YOUR body turns to your skin, being repository it is for vitamin storage. When it extracts the vitamins it needs from your skin, a set of wrinkles will appear. As you age and vitamin levels continue to be donated from the skin, these wrinkles will appear to grow deeper and more pronounced. Wrinkles are a sign of premature aging that is related to malnutrition. Whether it is is sagging or “crepe paper” skin, vitamin formula’s designed to restore tissues with nutrients will promote more youthful, pliant skin. Have you ever noticed that cigarette smokers have more wrinkles than non-smokers? Smoking is the most advanced form of vitamin depleting activity a person can engage in. Every last bit of nutrient from the skin can be compromised. Advanced dietary supplement strategies can stave off this kind of cannibalization of your tissue stores. But there are limits, depending on age, toxic environmental factors and hereditary limitations. Dermatological procedures such as laser, dermabrasion, Botox, dermal fillers and other advanced anti-aging techniques may be recommended in order to lift confidence levels. We exercise the right balance of knowledge and wisdom in knowing when to say yes to these specialized technological intervention strategies.

Once again, the costs of these procedures are but a fraction of what you would pay stateside. The quality of care is equal to or better since these are US schooled, Board Certified Dermatology Specialists that speak English.

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