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Questions about Anti-Aging Remedies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are these supplements made of ?

A.In most instances they are food concentrates. They can be neutraceuticals - like lycopene (tomato) or resveratrol (grapes). Since they’re made from food, they have no toxicity and are completely safe.

Q. How long do I have to take them?

A. It’s necessary to take supplements for a minimum of three months to achieve their full benefits. This is based on paleontology and the planet’s three-month seasonal changes.

Q. Are these supplements easy to digest?

A. They’re food, so they digest easily. Plus, they are not drugs, so there are no side effects like diarrhea, constipation, heart burn or acid reflux.

Q. How long do I stay on my supplements?

A. The World Health Organization has endorsed vitamin supplements as a necessary pre-requisite to health maintenance and wellness. The Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) encourages American’s to follow a plan that includes dietary supplements. Adults would do well to begin supplementing with nutrition during the thirties, when youthful hormone levels begin to markedly decrease, often leading to weight gain and obesity.

Q. Are they expensive ?

A. Compared to other forms of lifestyle management strategies, supplements are fraction of the cost of drugs, hospital stays and surgeries. A retrospective study revealed the monthly cost at between 250.00 and $350.00 during the intensive repair phase.

Q. Why are there different companies in your line-up ?

A. Having practiced over 30 years, I have discovered how to optimize results by combining the best features offered by the top companies in the fields of nutritional medicine. With thousands of hours of clinical research and study, patterns emerge. By empirically coupling these different companies and their formulas, we can achieve exponential benefits quickly and effectively. If Anti-Aging Remedies finds a better formula, we will discard the old one and replace it with the new improved version.

Q. Are these supplements designed to treat symptoms and / or cure disease?

A. No. The words symptom, disease and cure are political / legal terms designed to disempower people by keeping them ignorant and uninformed. Your body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. If it did, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, federal government and UN would own the copyright, further disempowering you in another way. While it is unfortunate health care has been institutionalized, monetized, and politicized - certain truths can never be disproved. The Sun is the source of life and health. Plants and animals are here to provide mankind with nutrition by utilizing the sun’s rays to manufacture and provide energy for photosynthesis and respiration. Science and the toxic pollutants scientist’s create, are diametrically opposed to life and health. It doesn’t take a high IQ to read between the lines. We make no further claims.