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Removal of Toxins

This includes combinations of specifically designed enzyme formula’s, restorative probiotics, amino acid complexes and mineral precursors that aid digestion. In this way toxins become freed from their target tissues, being released into the gut, transited through the bowel, skin and lungs as they exit your body for good. Many detox programs merely shift your toxins from one place to another, never actually leaving, rather settling into another organ or tissue to wreak more havoc and destruction elsewhere. These same enzymes help break down unhealthy blood proteins associated with allergy and inflammation. All this extra digestion releases surplus energy to promote further cleansing, stimulating the desire for exercise and contributing to greater weight loss and repair.

Toxins are ubiquitous in our environment. Let’s start with petroleum. Present not only in the combustion of gasoline and the burning of oil both as fuel and lubrication, its refinement process pollutes our air more than any other combustible fossil fuel. Synthetic fibers in your clothing contain petroleum, as do cosmetics, skin creams, detergents, soaps, cleansers including shampoo, vaseline, plastics, tires, solvents…

In homeopathic doctrine, the term Miasm refers to the body’s inborn tendency toward chronic disease associated with known environmental chemical toxins. In this case the “petroleum miasm” represents the most common, ever-present factor predisposing you to chronic, debilitating disease on the planet. We believe mortality rates associated with this miasm tops the list in terms of the most preventable cause of chronic illness. Using a ‘stacking’ of antioxidants, enzymes, and homeopathic complexes - nosodes… can shake these miasma loose. The notion that cancer, degenerative disease and fatigue can be associated with an environment saturated in petroleum can only mean that by releasing these same chemicals from your body, you can reclaim the unencumbered performance levels you once knew. The scientific community has identified newer antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol and Glutathione for example. These powerful nutrients can have a significant impact, acting almost like drugs, but without toxic-residual side effects.

ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION is the next ubiquitous toxin bathing your body. Consider, the A/C current in homes and commercial buildings, cell phone signals from towers and head held devices, radio waves, satellites, and computers. Each of these represent sources of EM frequency. Lab tests have shown EM to produce changes in temperature in target tissue. Imagine placing a raw chicken breast in your microwave oven, setting it to its lowest or lower and leaving it that way 24/7/365. This is your body as you go about your daily activities on planet Earth. The fact the body dries out is no surprise!

The Omega oils provide protection from EM pollution. They lubricate tissues, protect them from oxidizing radiation, strengthen cellular structures and promote heart and circulatory wellness.

In summary, the pieces of the puzzle lie scattered on the table to methodically sort through.  Choosing the correct pieces, and fitting them together one by one creates the masterpiece that is You. Custom designed anti-aging nutrition.