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Repair of Tissue

By using regenerative formulas, including homeopathic, herbal, vitamin, mineral and other cell signaling combinations, plus movement therapies like stretching, yoga, spinning, or zumba, your body can achieve a powerful flushing of nutrient dense blood deep into your tissues. These advanced tactics of healing and repair push the envelope of cellular regeneration.

In many instances our selection of supplements contain ingredients like protomorphogens (animal tissue cell- determinants), cytosol extracts, tissue precursor nutrients and cell salts that “seed” a substrate to the extracellular fluids these advanced tactics of healing and repair allow your tissue cells to draw from this storehouse of nutrients during re-building. RNA and DNA need peptides to model new tissue. Peptides come from proteins. Protein is primarily found in animal tissue. Carefully choosing the proper tissue substances is critical for a successful outcome. This requires knowledge, experience and intuition.

This phase is naturally slow; therefor exercising for circulation and the flushing of nutrients deep into your tissues is key to maximizing this second three month phase. We feel cross training incorporating both aerobic as well as anaerobic activity yields the best outcomes. We also feel that any training program should not be debilitating