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All information and products supply takes place under Anti-Aging Remedies - USA (herein referred to as AAR) Terms and Conditions. The End User is referred to as the Buyer.

  1. AAR will only supply products under these Terms and Conditions, which are conclusive and non-negotiable. When you request products, you are also requesting membership in our Private Members Organization in which $0.02 of your order pays for a year membership in AAR. We then handle your product request as a member of our private organization - we are therefor not dealing with the 'public'.
  2. Please save a copy of your transaction with AAR in notes, as it may be required at a later date.
  3. You, the Buyer accepts full liability for the use of all products and services supplied through AAR. The Buyer assures they will only use products under the guidance of their physician or healthcare provider.
  4. The Buyer warrants that they hold AAR free of any and all legal action and prosecution. This includes such things as entrapment procedures that may be perpetrated or attempted by law enforcement and/or government agents and/or their agencies.
  5. The Buyer affirms they are of legal age and capacity.
  6. AAR will not be held responsible for any losses in the mail. AAR will do everything in its power to track your package and get it to the Buyer promptly.
  7. If the Buyer changes an order prior to the products being shipped, the adjustments will be accepted. A recalculation of the order will be computed and charged to your account, accordingly. A part refund request by the Buyer is subject to conditions in section 10.
  8. If the Buyer wishes to cancel an order after payment has been processed, but before the products have shipped, they will be assessed a $50 charge. This $50 charge can be used as credit towards future products. Repeated cancellations or changes to orders are discouraged. AAR reserves the right to terminate membership in the Private Members Organization at any time.
  9. If the Buyer wishes to return any product, they must first obtain a return authorization from AAR. Returns will be accepted within 14 days of receipt as long as the products are sent via USPS and are received by the manufacturer in good, unopened, resalable condition with an expiration date greater than 12 months valid. A Product Credit Note will be issued, (less charges for shipping). If the Buyer requires a full or part refund, a 50% restocking fee is applicable, (applied only to Products, not shipping, handling or taxes which are non-refundable) or a minimum of $50, whichever is the greater.
  10. If the Buyer receives the wrong products or the products arrive damaged due to shipping or packaging, the Buyer must notify AAR by e-mail immediately. Every effort will be made to get the Buyer replacement product promptly and without additional charge. AAR reserves the right to inspect the package and products. Damaged products will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  11. AAR does not offer medical advice; all information is supplied on an informational and educational basis and should not be construed to replace that of your physician's.
  12. AAR reserves the right to exercise its discretion in refusing any orders.
  13. Any other conditions that are not covered in these Terms and Conditions will be determined by AAR conclusively on a case-by-case basis and AAR’s Terms and Conditions will be subject to change without notice.