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Website Disclaimer

The information contained in this website is general in nature and based on accepted research pertaining to human anatomy, physiology, structure and function in the body. The study of human aging is an evolving field encompassing a broad array of approaches, particularly those involving dietary modification and restrictions, nutritional biochemistry and the active ingredients in foods that make them functional participants in how we look and feel. Factors such as eating habits, recreational activities, employment, smoking, alcohol, genetics, heredity, environment, dietary choices, as well as social, economic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects, and the varied forms of trauma we experience throughout our lifetime, provide the basis that determines your lifestyle issues. The cumulative effects can be noticeable, sometimes disabling, but certainly, often inconvenient. Whatever we choose to call this experience, it sometimes leads us to seek professional help, whether medical, psychological, alternative or ministerial-theological.

We do not claim to have the answer to aging, nor are we attempting to provide medical care or healthcare advice, outside of common sense wellness practices accepted by consensus. Only medical doctors can diagnose and treat disease, which often follows a prolonged state of dis-ease, or functional imbalance in the body. We believe optimal “aging” as it is called, involves minimizing and / or preventing the complexities of dis-ease in the daily functional activities that make-up and run your body. By providing the necessary substrate of nutrients to the internal milieu or biological terrain, we believe tissue cells benefit. This is supported by scientific research as addressed in government law by an Act of Congress known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 - (DSHEA).

The supplement companies we use follow strict manufacturing guidelines. They comply with State and Federal regulations and are FDA compliant in all areas of practice including accuracy in labeling standards.

By purchasing these supplements you are agreeing to participate in a lifestyle approach to wellness as a member buyer, with the understanding that your relationship with us is expressly, neither medical, nor diagnostic. There are no expectations other than a healthier lifestyle approach through the use of food concentrates and their constituent active ingredients, i.e. vitamin, mineral, nutritional or energetic. The Buyer accepts full liability for the use of all Products and services supplied by AAR, and assures they will only use Products under the guidance of their personal physician and/or health care provider.

By clicking agree you release from liability. We suggest you visit our Frequently Asked Questions page before agreeing, so you can be informed, understanding fully how this site works.